About the author

Before her career, Dr. Nicole Apelian is a family person. She is a scientist, a researcher, an entrepreneur, an herbalist, an educator, an actor, and an author. She attained her bachelor’s in biology from McGill University, Canada. Also, she has a master’s degree in Ecology from Oregon University. And, while working in Botswana as n anthropologist and ethnobotanist, she attained a doctorate from Prescott College. 

When she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in 2000, the situation forced Nicole to apply her professional knowledge and experience to procure her healing kit. The profound information she acquired from her life with the san of the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa helped her to beat the disease and walk again from being bedridden. It came down to dedication and belief. From this, she was able to turn her lifestyle around completely and became healed.  

It is from this experience that she realized just how technology had drifted humankind to rely on processed medicine while herbs could do exemplary if placed in this situation. Unlike other people who have forgotten about what Mother Nature can provide, Dr. Nicole got inspired to write this book to share her findings, thoughts, experiences, and techniques. In this book, she shares a wide range of knowledge, and experiences of making poultices, infused oils, salves, tinctures, and decoctions – among other herbal remedies. 

Furthermore, the author is fond of giving wellness strategies and advice from which people can treat themselves globally. 

The Book

The book has all-round information about herbs, lichens, and a host of many others that she has experienced and got results from therm. Some herbs are used as food and for healing purposes too. The solutions she provides in this book are not close to being exhaustive; besides, you can harvest them naturally, as others can be grown from your home backyard. The book has substantial information about herbal treatments based on the knowledge of the ancestors that were passed on to the succeeding generations as well as scientific studies and proof of the existence and effectiveness of these interventions.

It is rather common that most of the healing plant extracts are the stem skins, roots, leaves, and fruits. The treatments are commonly applied for the treatment of flu, sore, throat, fever, and other mild viral and bacterial infections.

The number of people that have been exposed to the new pill is substantial. Therefore, it is understandable since the reaction to natural healing exploits is a bit skeptical to many. Besides, the proficient medicine men and women who existed are long gone. Those who followed in their footsteps are very few. The san is still arguably one of the few groups of people who still live in their hunting and gathering way of life. Therefore, knowledge acquired from them becomes an invaluable piece of survival is it in medical terms, or general survival terms.

Modern medical interventions are efficient but not without side-effects to the individual. This book seeks to provide an alternative by strolling back to the yestertimes where there weren’t more than a handful of healers with limited information. Only this time, the author is an expert in both and carries the experience of self-observation and application.

The book brings to your attention some of the most common plant remedies, along with other technical things that are put for you to understand. It also provides you with information about skin remedies, anti-inflammatory herbs, and about the plants that can be used on the general treatment protocol, including fighting the common cold, flu, fever, and viral or bacterial infections. Also, it provides you with invaluable instructions on how you can fight STI infections, such as herpes.

In addition, there are spices that possess a world of healing properties. The book highlights these spices and what they are capable of doing. Other than transforming your food, spices can also be used as detox agents – they can be used to fight against parasitic and viral infections. Therefore, if you need to flush out these pathogens, there is an elaborate demonstration from the book of lost remedies.

Furthermore, the book gives you instructions on how you can craft your own healing remedy using the natural extracts. Herbs can be a potent immune enhancer. With a robust immune system, you can beat off any kind of mild infection – bacterial, viral, fungal, or amoebic. 

The book comes with diagrammatic illustrations of the trees, shrubs, and all the herb-producing plants that are covered. This renders clear direction to mitigate confusion risks. Therefore, it provides a very minimal room for error. 

In comparison to pharmaceutical products, herbal extracts are far much safer. They are free from unsanctioned side-effects that are often seen with modern health pills and syrups. Furthermore, herbs do not attract addiction – the same cannot be said about modern healing methods.


Some of the information in this book may be impractical for a city resident who wishes to prepare a healing concoction since some herbs can only be obtained from specific forests, or buried in the thickets which are inaccessible for many people.  

There are cases where some people have these herbs on their store shelves. However, these shops are limited and hence still inaccessible to those in need. It takes much time and resources to get herbs since they are not sold from the nearby utility stores. 

Herbs are naturally intimidating. They are bitter and emit bad smells. However, much efficient they are, they are likely to remain unpopular since pharmaceutical pills are sugar-coated and easy to swallow.

Some plants are highly poisonous – no to talk about their products. Caution is advised while handling unknown formulas. It should be known that just as the correct dosage is required for over-the-counter drugs, the same should be highly observed.

The Bottom Line

If you have grappled with addiction and other side effects due to using modern health intervention drugs, then you know what it means by living as a prisoner of yourself. It is easy to break the chains by interacting with this Book of Lost Remedies.